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There have been some questions recently regarding who can drive or ride a HCRS registered vehicle.

The NSW RTA advise that as the vehicle is registered in NSW, albeit conditionally, anyone holding a valid licence which the NSW RTA recognise and is suitable for the vehicle concerned can operate the vehicle with the registered owner’s permission. The rules pertaining to L and P plate drivers and riders naturally apply. There is no NSW RTA requirement for that person to be a member of the Primary Club which issued the HCRS 1259 form. If any individual Club has by laws to the contrary then those by laws prevail. Again this is a matter for the Clubs to handle and decide on their particular needs. The CMC will not intervene in such things. The Club concerned has to make their own decisions.

New rules have just been issued by the Dept of Fair Trading regarding Incorporated Associations. As far as I can see they make things much easier to handle with less paperwork etc. They have been posted to all known Public Officers of Clubs so if you have not received them please contact the Department as either your Public Officer’s details are out of date or some other problem needs sorting. And may I again tell you that if you are an Incorporated Association you must submit an annual return. At least one Club we have heard about has been de registered and fined for failing to do so over several years. And recent changes in the NSW RTA mean that no Incorporated Association status means no HCRS approval. or phone 13 32 20.

Public Liability Insurance is something that all Clubs should hold. It is not compulsory these days as the Department of Fair Trading has dropped that from the latest rules for Incorporated Associations. Many Clubs go without, as the costs are too high for what seems to be a minimal risk. I always quote the example of a Club display where the banner is erected. That falls over and hits someone on the head with dire consequences. Imagine the difficulty for the committee if the Club is sued and there is no insurance cover. Loss of assets by the President and others is a possibility.

Coverage can be obtained from several Brokers including TCIS in Adelaide, and CAMS. Many Clubs think that CAMS are only for car racing Clubs however their insurance covers all Clubs, no matter if they race or not. Later this year CAMS will come out with a package for non racing Clubs which will be very competitively priced. I declare my interest in this as I am the Chair of the CAMS Marque Touring and Enthusiasts Commission or MTEC. I took on this role to gain benefits for the non racing Clubs. It has been a long battle to get things approved as change is always resisted. I hope that when you see the greatly reduced costs on offer with a $100 M coverage from a very substantial company, you will see that benefits have been gained.


Terry Thompson OAM

Best Trade Display Race Deck Garage Flooring

Best Club Display Volvo Car Club NSW

Vintage Frank Kulkers - 1921 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

Rolls Royce Owners Club

1931 to 1940

1st Barry Smith - 1938 Packard 1607 V12 Club Sedan

Packard Automobile Club

2nd Stephen Chalker- Holz – 1938 Ford Table-Top Truck

Early Ford V8 Club

3rd Paul Calder - 1938 Buick Series 60 Century Sports Coupe

South Coast Holden Owners Club

1941 to 1950 Andy Leondicu - 1949 MG TC

MG Car Club Sydney

1951 to 1960

1st Douglas Barbour – 1959 MGA 1600

MG Car Club Sydney

2nd Ian Pryde – 1957 Chevrolet Corvette

Veteran & Vintage Chevrolet Association

3rd Terry Burrows – 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air Pillarless Hardtop

Chevrolet Club of NSW

1961 to 1970

1st Sam Kafrouny – 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

Mustang Owners Club

2nd Arthur Scarf – 1963 MGB

MG Car Club Sydney

3rd Andrew Papadopoulos – 1962 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider

Alfa Romeo Owners Club

1971 to 1980

1st John Moody – 1974 Jaguar E type Series 3 Roadster

Jaguar Drivers Club

2nd Christine & Bruce Turner – 1978 Holden Torana UC Sedan

AHMC Blue Mountains

3rd Andrew Gilbert - 1978 Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe

Porsche Club of NSW

1981 to 2001

1st Eric & Dawn Hayes – 2000 MGF Convertible

MG Car Club Sydney

2nd Charles Seeburg – 1997 Ford Falcon EL GT Sedan

Falcon GT Owners Club

Most Original Christine & Bruce Turner – 1978 Holden Torana UC Sedan

AHMC Blue Mountains

Grand Champion Sam Kafrouny – 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

Mustang Owners Club

Judges Choice 

Bill Ebzery - Bradford Utility

Historic Registration number 35654H

Jowett Javelin Car Club

Dear NSW/ACT CAMS Clubs,

A short while back I informed you all of an upcoming initiative we are putting on for all of the NSW/ACT affiliated CAMS clubs i.e. the CAMS Club Development Seminar

The seminar will focus on key issues challenging clubs and events, and will aim to increase the skills and knowledge of committee and event organising club members.

Several parties have been involved in organising this day for the CAMS clubs, and all of the presenters are highly respected professionals in their field.

Please find attached an information package which invites you and your Club to attend this great initiative.

Please complete the registration form provided in the attached package and return to myself by Thursday 27 October 2011

.I look forward to seeing you all there.

Thank you.

Kind Regards, Daniel A. Milazzo



The CMC has had some difficulty in the past with at least one third of our emails bouncing back because of problems with the email addresses being incorrect or no longer in service.

Until recently we sent out three copies of the minutes to each club, via email, and with 150+ clubs this amounted to over 450 emails. Our website manager has advised us we were in danger of being labelled as a spammer and we need to make some changes to avoid this happening.

As a short-term solution, in recent months we have sent only one copy to each club to try and ease this situation, and many of these have also bounced back for various reasons.

It is our aim, therefore, to have all clubs, download the minutes and other relevant documents from the website, commencing January 2012.

Go to the website at "Document Centre or Private Area" (very bottom of the page).  You will need to "Register" where you will create a log-in and password, which will give you access to the minutes.  Please ensure your password is secure.  It is not for distribution.

The minutes will normally be available 10-14 days following a general meeting or AGM.

If a club has genuine difficulties downloading the minutes or other documents we will do everything we can to accommodate them.

From January 2012, each year, we will also be sending out a folder containing a "Certificate of Affiliation" together with some guidelines to assist clubs officials when a change in committee members occurs.

We would appreciate you co-operation and thank you for your patience during the change-over period.

Regards Julie Williams