pdf small Transport for NSW - EXHAUST TESTING EXEMPTION ORDER 2022

Good morning everyone,

Many of you (or your club members) may have interests in the individually constructed vehicle realm (ICV) or related areas. The issue of emissions testing had been mentioned in other forums, and was impacting several customer groups.

I am pleased to now confirm that Transport for NSW has approved a 6 month exemption for the emissions testing requirement for modified or individually constructed vehicles (see a copy of the Exemption attached). This will be formally published on our website shortly.

The 6 month exemption period will allow Transport for NSW to consider an alternate compliance pathway. We remain committed to consulting with industry as we develop a pathway that provides clarity for our stakeholders on testing requirements to demonstrate compliance.

This will not affect the bulk of the Historic and Classic cohort, and for many will be an “fyi only”. You are welcome to share this information as you see fit.

Several of you may receive this information more than once as you may sit on several committees or working groups. The full Exemption Order is attached to this email.

I would like you thank you for your patience and we look forward to working with you into the future.