Attached to this item is a section of the CMC minutes from SEPTEMBER 2015. That is about the time of the introduction of the logbook for HCRS vehicles on a two year trial basis.
These minutes only mention the possible introduction of a Conditional Registration Scheme for modified older vehicles (This became the CVS in December 2016, some 15 months later).
That was somewhat controversial at the time as RMS had released some words about the potential CVS and they seemed to have it wrong from what ACMC had talked about with them.
It took a long time to resolve the issues with RMS before the current system was set up in late 2016. Remember that the CVS is also on a two year trial which may add to the confusion.

Nowhere in the September 2015 minutes does it talk about the logbook scheme introduction and trial. Nowhere do I or others on the committee tell delegates that the logbook idea was wrong and should be ignored.
We did speak about the upcoming CVS and suggested that the information on that from RMS was incorrect, but NOT the logbook idea. Possibly the two became mixed up or confused in some delegates minds.
I do remember that at that time the logbook concept for the HCRS (now HVS) was negotiated on behalf of the ACMC, via their Patron, with the Roads and Maritime Minister’s office.
There was some confusion when the logbook quickly became available on 1 Oct 2015 as requested by the Minister.

A number of us, including myself, went in to RMS offices on that day with the completed form 1246 and got varying stories about availability. Some folks got theirs straight away and others not so.
I was told it was not available so they took my details to get back to me. I then had the logbook page emailed to me later in the day with no stamp or RMS details on the top of it for example.
After a fair amount of negotiation with RMS we got it all sorted and it is now running relatively smoothly and is even included in the CVS.

I have told delegates and anyone who asks, on many occasions, that NSW now has the best scheme in Australia in my mind as we get ALL club events PLUS 60 days of private use on the logbook.
That is supporting Clubs as well as individual members.
The CMC has never stated that the old HCRS (now HVS) system was the best and we should be ignoring the RMS website or emails on that issue. We cannot find any such evidence in any minutes we have on record.

Terry Thompson OAM, Chairman – ACMC NSW Ltd, President – Council of Motor Clubs Inc

Extract from the September 2015 minutes.

ACMC & Vehicle Standards Working Group-T. O’Donnell

* T. O’Donnell advised the CMC will not be adding to the confusion by making more statements about the mess surrounding the introduction of the new scheme for modified vehicles. He stated that the CMC is not in any position to provide explanations for a situation which is the sole responsibility of elements within a government department; the department will need to be accountable for its own actions. As president of the ACMC, he advised that talks with the RMS are ongoing in an effort to help sort out the confusion.

* Tony stated that when there is a clear statement to be made by us and we will be sending it via email to everyone who has an interest in the scheme. There will be an official ACMC statement soon but with more negotiation and probably some lengthy meetings to come, don't expect it to be a full resolution. Tony said that, our proposal for the scheme is clear, simple, sensible and designed to benefit a large number of enthusiasts and provides the opportunity to see many vehicles now tucked away in sheds or simply only existing as their owners' dreams, out on the road, benefiting the community and the associated industry.

* Tony stated that the ACMC did not put any time restraints on the RMS and said that the press release was premature. The scheme probably won’t be properly up and running for a couple of months at least.

* At this time the cost of the registration is unknown and what type of number plates will be available is also unknown. That said, it will probably be more expensive than the current HCRS.

* To date insurance companies aren’t on board with the scheme.

* The 2-year trial period will allow for adjustments and not necessarily to see if the scheme is workable or not.

* Terry Thompson suggested that clubs hold off and wait until they receive documentation direct to your club from the RMS stating what you need to do, what forms you need to fill in and what application you need to make. Terry said to ignore the RMS website at the moment.

* Terry suggested that clubs update their committee and contact details with the RMS so that there is no confusion when the time comes for them to apply for the new scheme.

* Terry then stated that when the CMC/ACMC has more information clubs will be informed.